• PlanetRisk Headquarters McLean Virginia
  • Get Real-Time Alerts

    Get Real-Time Alerts

    Up-to-the-Minute Situational Awareness

    • See the threats impacting your organization

    • Make better response decisions

    • Respond faster

  • Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

    Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

    PlanetRisk Mobile Apps

    Empower your team to move as one and capture valuable field intelligence, no matter where employees are located.

  • Prevent Insider Threats

    Prevent Insider Threats

    Identity Management is Essential

    Every organization is at risk of insider threat. Set early warnings and find out who before harm is done. 

  • Safeguard Business Operations

    Safeguard Business Operations

    Protect Your Assets

    Visualize, monitor, manage and protect all of your assets from a single platform.

Welcome to PlanetRisk

PlanetRisk is a global big data analytics company providing advanced technology solutions that merge big data, visionary analytics and subject matter expertise. The company capabilities are in data sourcing, integration and engineering; advanced analytics; geospatial; social network analysis; and enterprise risk modeling. The company develops models that enable analysts to recognize hidden patterns, detect anomalies, and even forecast future conditions, whether at a local, national, or global level.


What's New

iMapData, a pioneer in data visualization and analysis, announced today it has merged with and taken the name of PlanetRisk, a fast-growing technology leader revolutionizing big data solutions.

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Government Solutions

Government Solutions

Public-sector organizations face a future where delivering services in an increasingly complex and dangerous world is the new normal. They look to PlanetRisk as a leader in solutions that provide the vital 360° situational awareness necessary for mitigating risk in the new world order. Learn More »

Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

Maintaining situational awareness, mitigating risk and ensuring business continuity in today’s increasingly complex global environment requires real-time intelligence synthesized from multiple sources. That’s why Fortune 500 organizations have relied on PlanetRisk for data-in-depth and best-in-class geospatial analysis. Learn More »

PlanetRisk Features

PlanetRisk Features

Protect your organization from all hazards with one solution that delivers global data intelligence, monitors the impact of critical events through real‐time risk feeds, communicates alerts around your assets, provides secure mobile communications and enhances collaboration. Learn More »